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Colors are reset after saving output

Whenever I use file>'save output as...', colors in the output are always back to normal until VS is restarted. Is this a known issue or local? There is a workaround = just not saving the output t...

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Lines are red that aren't errors

Can you make the coloring a bit more robust and nuanced? For example, the following line shows up as red even though it isn't an error: 2>c:...\EmailManager.cs(147,30,147,39): warning CS0168: Th...

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Performance Warning

Hi, In VS 2012, I'm seeing some entries in my activity log prior to a "mystery" entry that shows up before I crash. I haven't narrowed the crash to this extension, but I do see some performance w...

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Only default colors work

Changing the foreground colors in the options has no effect. The Output window continues to use the default colors. I have the Dark theme in VS 2012.

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VS Shell not supported

It is no possible to install this addon to Visual Studio Shell Integrated 2010 - Error message on attempt: This extension is not installable on any currently installed products.

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Leading comma causes ArgumentOutOfRangeException

In VS 2012 using VSColorOutput 1.4.5 (downloaded from CodePlex), I get an ArgumentOutOfRangeException whenever I use Find In Files to search for text that begins with a leading comma. For example,...

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Add background color option

Currently, sometimes, randomly it get's the background color of the TextEditor instead of the OutputWindow (gray or so) Could you please add an explicit option where you can define the background...

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VS 2012 not supported by 1.4.5 version

I have tried to install versions 1.4.4 and 1.4.5 downloaded from CodePlex, and it looks like Visual Studio 2012 is not supported. I have attached installation log, which states that only different ...

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Support ansi color codes?

Any chance you could add a feature to support ANSI color codes?

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Coloring find results does not work

I'm using VSColorOutput 1.4.3. It works great for build output, but it does not for find results. The colors are configured (some gray for the file name and purple for the search term), but the tex...

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